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We make safe spaces for Cats.

We like cats. It’s not just the patter of their paws galloping down the hall, the tickle of their whiskers when they poke a cold nose in under the sheets. We like their independence, their inquisitive nature and their unique personalties. We appreciate it when they decide to spend time with us. They’re the ideal companion, a confidante,  An animal friend.

So let’s keep our friends safe. There are dangers for cats. Not just the he more familiar ones: cars, dogs, other cats and cat haters, Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus ,  Cat flu and parasites, all transmitted by improperly cared for cats, are also concerns for those of us who have fur babies out and about. Cats who spend their whole lives inside live three to six times the lifespan of exclusiely outdoor cats.

We’re told that It’s safer for our cats to be locked indoors. But that’s no way to treat a friend. Anyone can understand that an animal needs to get outside, and our cats need contact with nature just like we do. They want want to run and tumble, they want to feel the outside air. Now they can.

Kitten or Cougar, Tabby or Tortise shell, our Outdoor cat enclosures will keep puss protected. Turn your outdoor space into a protected haven for your pussy cat to play in, safe from the world. A KittySafe space keeps your feline companion happy by allowing outdoor play: important feline behaviors like sunning and scratching, while providing safety from many of the dangers of the world.

With a KittySafe cat run, your cat can have a great outdoor experience while being protected from the world’s dangers. The neighborhood strays and feral cats can’t get in to spread disease and your cat won’t get into fights with them. Your Kitty will live a more balanced, relaxed  life and you’ll save on those vet bills, on medicine and immunization.

KittySafe is a win for you, and a win for your cat .

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