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Scratching is natural for our cats, allowing them to sharpen their claws and mark their territory. However, their sharp claws can easily tear fabric, leather, wood, and other household items. Over time, scratching can ruin the look of your furniture, which can be expensive to fix later on.

That's where cat netting comes to the rescue! It's like giving your cat its own playground space. By installing cat nets, you give your cat a designated place to scratch, protecting your furniture from enthusiastic claws. At the same time, a net enclosure helps keep cats safe from predators or aggressive animals, such as dogs or wildlife, that may wander into your yard or outdoor area, reducing the risk of being hit by vehicles or getting lost.

At KittySafe, we facilitate simple, affordable cat netting solutions. Our Netting is designed to protect cats from potential dangers while providing them with a safe and stimulating outdoor environment.

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Our Cat Enclosure Solutions

Netting intended to contain cats has to be weather-toughened, strong, and supple. It needs to resist abrasion, UV light and feline teeth! There are a unique set of demands on this material.
At Kittysafe, we offer customizable cat netting solutions to give you peace of mind. Our Cat netting enclosures are sure to allow your cats to experience the outdoor sights, smells, and fresh air while keeping them secure in an enclosed space.
Kittysafe's carefully selected products are manufactured by makers of deep-sea fishing nets who have applied experience making sun-toughened, high-breaking strength nets for cat containment. The netting is made with high-quality nylon from virgin resin and is robustly UV-treated for Australian conditions. It will not unravel if cut and lasts for years in the Australian sun.
Kittysafe net is a revolutionary type of knotted pre-stretched, low-visibility cat enclosure netting. Because it's pre-stretched and low-visibility, it doesn't sag if it's treated well and won't ever look unsightly!
A good catio is more than the netting, though. Apart from tough but pliable UV-stabilized HDPE, we employ rust-resistant stainless steel, galvanized and stainless steel fittings and ductile stainless steel wire rope.
The swages used to secure the stainless wire rope are tiny metal fixings that seem insignificant at first glance. But there is at least one supplier selling aluminium swages for use in cat area installations because they're cheap and easier to use than the nickel-plated copper that Kittysafe employs. Aluminium is chemically incompatible with stainless steel and will corrode over time, especially near the sea. We do not use it.
The tough, light netting is mounted onto the stainless steel wire rope with tiny steel rings. The wire rope is, in turn, fixed to the structural masonry, wood, or metal with fixings every 50 - 70 cm. We can fix netting over spaces of all types, large and small, and if you don’t want to enclose the whole space, we can fix walls of netting with rugged outdoor zipper doors, as you may find on a good-quality tent.
Let your cats explore the outdoors worry-free by giving them their safe outdoor enclosure with our cat nets enclosure system. Contact us today for a free consultation!
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Features of Our Cat Netting

We offer cat netting solutions to protect your furniture and keep your feline friend safe. With a range of innovative features, we ensure a safe and enriching outdoor experience for your cat.

Durable netting materials:

We provide top-notch UV-stabilized HDPE netting, resistant stainless steel, and materials that are resistant to tearing, chewing, and scratching by cats.

Flexible installation options:

We offer netting services around patios, decks, windows, backyards, etc. Our netting service attaches to the home exterior, fencing, railings, or free-standing posts and can be customized to fit any size or shape of the area.

Easy access for humans:

Zipper or latch entry points for easy human access. .

Low Visibility Impact:

Preserves your exterior home's aesthetic appeal.

Made to survive Australian conditions:

Our cat netting is made from UV-treated heavy-duty polyethylene mesh for maximum outdoor durability.

Warranty on Netting:

We are so confident in the quality that we offer a 12-month warranty on our netting.

Aftercare Tips for Cat Netting

Proper maintenance is vital to keeping your cat netting enclosure in top condition for years. Inspect the netting and attachments for tears, loose fittings, or wear-and-tear areas. Brush or wipe down the netting to remove dirt, debris, and cat hair buildup. Hire professional re-tensioning services every few years to ensure the netting stays secure. If the netting becomes damaged over time, you may occasionally need to replace sections. Use a compatible netting material and ensure it is installed with the proper tensioning. For minor repairs, netting patches or adhesives made for the netting material can provide a quick fix. Routinely clear the area of anything sharp that could snag or cut the netting.
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Aware of Cheap Product

Please be aware that anyone unfortunate enough to purchase cheap products may find that poorly made netting can quickly decompose when exposed to the sun and rain. Just look at your fence to see what the West Australian sun does to construction materials. Outdoor construction needs to be resilient to survive. While the material or inferior quality nets may look the same, after a while in the weather, the netting has lost its strength and flexibility, and it can simply fall apart when your cat climbs on It. Besides tough but pliable UV-stabilized nylon, we employ rust-resistant stainless steel, galvanized and stainless steel fittings, and ductile wire rope.

Our Recent Cat Netting Installation Projects


Australian manufacturing nets are made using high-quality raw materials with UV protection. So, they are expected to last about 6-7 years.

Cat nets are widely used for balconies, windows, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, Industries, or any open place where cat netting is required.

Cat netting should typically be 6 feet high to prevent cats from escaping or jumping over it.

To clean the cat nets, use a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt. If there are stains, use a little soapy water. Rinse it well and let it dry before putting it back.

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