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Your installer  is the KittySafe superhero who swoops in to save the day and bring peace to your cat. They banish smelly kitty litter outside, and give Kitty a great new play space . If safety legislation allowed them to wear capes, we would be right on it!

KittySafe installers are polite, considerate and safe.

It is important to your installer that you are happy with the job.  If we are aware of challenges to the installation, your installer will communicate them to you before we start. Please understand that with any construction work, there will probably be unforeseen issues that crop up. Installers may need more time to get the job done, or to leave the work site to get supplies. Fear not, our intrepid installers are communicators who will appraise you of what is going on. Your installer should be finished within a day in most cases, but doing a great job may mean that we need to take longer.

Your installer will be considerate of your space, and will answer any questions that you may have. They may need to plug in electric devices to work, and there will be noise from drills, air compressors and other tools. Please feel free to communicate with your installer about the job, how it is going and when it should be done, but please give them space to work. Remember that they may be wearing ear plugs and may therefore have trouble hearing you.

We must have a clear work space. Please clear the space of pots, toys, garden objects, cat litter trays and dog droppings. You don’t want dog droppings all over your new cat net, we are sure. We cannot work with children or animals in the space. We cannot work with asbestos. If our installer thinks there is a chance that a fence or other structure contains asbestos, they will decline to start the job. asbestos is dangerous to disturb by drilling, and to do so would put you and us at risk.

Your KittySafe installation involves drilling  into masonry and anchoring mounting points to your house. It’s permanent installation. Renters will need to get permission from landlords, who are often happy to give it, as the netting looks great and adds value to a property.

Please understand that our gold standard is your happiness with the installation. Our goal is that you are satisfied that the installation will contain your cat. After all, you  know your cat better than we do. The installer will ask you to examine the space and highlight any areas that may need adjusting. When you are happy, we are finished.

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