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Yes! We do interest free installments that do not affect your credit rating. You can pay off a KittySafe installation over time.

Yes. This is a high quality installation, and it is made bespoke on site to fit your space. Taking it down is possible but it’s not likely to fit another space. It’s better to use the netting installation as a selling point for your house than trying to move it to another one. You’ve added value to the property, why not use it to sell the property when the time comes?

That’s between you and your landlord, but we think you should ask. Many landlords see the netting is adding value to the property, and happy agree to have it installed.

Only if we need to fix attachment points to the outside of their house. We do not often need to do this, and if we do, you will know in advance.

Our standard is whether you are happy that the installation will contain your cat. You know your cat better than we do. If you think that your cat will get out, we will amend things until you are happy. When you pay us, that means you’re satisfied with our work.

Yes! We can put cat flaps in wooden doors, but you will need a glazier to put them into glass.

KittySafe provides cat enclosure services across Perth and looks forward to earning your felines trust and striving forward with the common goal of creating safe spaces for Cats.

  1. Consultation: Fill out a contact form and, if you are comfortable, include some images of the area that you want to Kitysafe. Our friendly staff will help you work out how to Kittysafe your home space. 
  2. Quote: Based on your images and perhaps some simple measurements, we will give you an accurate quote to Kittysafe your space. Once you accept our quote, you also accept our Terms and Conditions.  
  3. Deposit: Use your credit card to pay a $100 deposit. 
  4. Booking: Nominate an installation time that works for you.
  5. Installation: Our friendly, cat loving installers will visit, to make your space Kittysafe.
  6. Payment: Immediately following installation you may pay via credit card, or choose to take advantage of a payment plan.

Our netting is designed specifically for cats. That said, it has been used for guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens. We do not recommend its’ use for containing or controlling dogs. It’s just not designed for that.

No, not at the moment. We focus on permanent cat netting.

I personally had two kittens living with in a KittySafe installation unsupervised from three months old. They did not get out and were not harmed, however we have had advice not to recommend a KittySafe installation for cats under six months old.

Not at this time. We believe our product is more cost effective when installation is taken into consideration.

No. Our product is installed to existing structures.

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