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Netting intended for the containment of cats has to be weather toughened, strong and supple. It needs to resist abrasion, UV light and feline teeth! There are a unique set of demands on this material and  we don’t wont use just anything to complete our installations.

Kittysafe’s carefully selected products are manufactured by makers of deep sea fishing net who have applied experience making sun toughened, high breaking strength nets, to cat containment. The netting is made with high quality nylon produced from virgin resin, robustly UV treated for Australian conditions.  It will not unravel if cut and lasts for years in the Australian sun. It is knotted, pre-stretched and heat treated.

Please be aware that anyone unfortunate enough to purchase cheap products may find that badly made netting can decompose very quickly when exposed to the sun and rain. Just take a look at your fence to see what the West Australian sun does to construction materials. Outdoor construction needs to be resilient to survive it. While the material or inferior quality nets may look the same, after a while in the weather the netting has lost its’ strength and ductility and it can simply fall apart when your cat climbs on It.

A good catio is more than the netting, though. Apart from tough but pliable UV stabilized nylon, we employ rust resistant stainless steel, galvanized and stainless steel fittings and ductile stainless steel wire rope.

The nickel plated copper swages used to secure the stainless wire rope are tiny metal fixings that seem insignificant, but there is at least one supplier selling aluminium swages for use in cat area installations, because it’s easier to use. Aluminium is chemically incompatible with stainless steel and will corrode over time, especially near the sea. We do not use it.

The tough, light netting is mounted onto the stainless steel wire rope with tiny steel rings. The wire rope is, in turn, fixed to the structural masonry, wood, fiberboard or metal with fixings every 50 cm.  We can fix netting over spaces of all types large and small, and if you don’t want to enclose the whole space we can fix walls of netting with rugged outdoor zipper doors, as you may find on a good quality tent.

KittySafe is committed to providing permanent, high quality netting to keep your cats protected in the long-term.



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