Fremantle Council’s tough new Cat Laws

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If you live in Beaconsfield, Fremantle. Hilton, North Fremantle, O’Connor, Samson, South Fremantle, or White Gum Valley, you are affected by this.

Fremantle council has voted to introduced tough new cat bylaws. If you live in Beaconsfield, Fremantle. Hilton, North Fremantle, O’Connor, Samson, South Fremantle, or White Gum Valley, you are affected by this. The legislation states that your household cats need to stay on your property, and you will receive a fine of $200 if your cats are found in a public area.

In fact, cats have been banned from all areas owned or controlled by the Fremantle Council. This includes roads, verges, footpaths and car parks, where cats are now only allowed when confined to a carrier or on a lead. You will be in violation of the bylaw if cats that are outside your property and not securely tethered, in a cage, or controlled by other means to prevent escape. Fines will be used to encourage compliance.

This is not all bad news.

Cats that are not allowed to roam live up to three times longer (That’s 50 cat years!) and don’t get into scraps with strays, which saves vet bills. They also don’t need as many vaccinations because they’re not coming into contact with other cats as much. Many of us like to let our cats roam and hunt, and the vet bills are a small price to pay. We love our cats, how much damage can they do? After all we feed them, they don’t need to hunt down dinner.

It’s a fair question and it’s easy to get annoyed at yet another council bylaw, but thankfully (or regretfully, depending on how you feel) there are some solid statistics behind the steps. The domestic cats in

Fremantle that are allowed to roam, not the strays, kill almost one hundred and fifty thousand (144,844) native animals per year, just in Fremantle, and it’s because of the damage that hunting cats do in Fremantle, that the shire has taken action.

But how to keep both the council and the cat happy?

How do we give our cats the nature experience they need, and also keep them contained?

More and more people take their cats for a walk on a leash. This will get them up and about, and will let them have new experiences. It’s not exactly roaming free, however. Cats need stimulation, and walking on a leash will provide only a part of that. Toys are important, so that the cat can exercise those hunting instincts, and a combination of these two will help to stimulate the cat that is confined.

Can we have it both ways?

To give their cat a more natural experience and allow an outdoor existence, some people opt to build steel mesh cages in or around their property, but these things look ugly, and who wants to live in a cage? There’s a way to do this, that does not involve building a heavy metal cage in your back yard. Soft, strong Vinyl netting between the fence and the house will keep your cat contained, but also able to experience the outside world, chase butterflies and lie in the sun. It’ll also look awesome and improve the rentability of any property. After all, 27% of households have a cat, and if they want to live in Frementle they’ll have to keep it contained.

There’s a way to Kittysafe any space, be it the dead side of the house, a patio, verandah or courtyard. All it takes is some imagination and some handy skills. We know, Kitttysafe can cat safe spaces large and small. We don’t sell netting supplies, but these are readily available if you wish to attempt your own installation, otherwise you know that can always call Kittysafe in, to do a long lasting professional install for you.

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